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A weighty matter

We’ve recently had to erect temporary scaffolding in the Ballroom of Upton Hall just to hang a clock. Not any old clock, mind. But a valuable new addition to the BHI Museum Trust’s collection – a 19th century Vulliamy wall clock. A large public clock measuring 5ft by 4ft and... View Article

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Old boxes call new tune

The Musical Box Society of Great Britain is proposing to change its legal status from an unincorporated association to a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Set up in 1962, the Society brings together people who are interested in antique musical boxes. It also promotes a wider appreciation of these boxes... View Article

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Hands on St Pancras

It is only a matter of time before the working parts of the original St Pancras Clock go on display in Upton Hall. The clock was originally removed from the concourse of London’s St Pancras Station during the 1960s, at a time when plans were being made to close the station altogether.... View Article

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Learn from old masters

The BHI Museum Trust has acquired the workshop of a man who many consider to be the last, and finest example, of England’s traditional case makers and is now planning to reconstruct it in Upton Hall. The case maker was Martin Matthews. And for four generations his family worked in... View Article

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How to make, repair, restore and service clocks, watches and other timepieces

We have a new education and training prospectus.

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