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Distance learning

For professionals and enthusiasts

The BHI distance learning courses (DLCs) will help you acquire new knowledge and skills. Knowledge and skills that can help you gain globally recognised qualifications and set you on the path to becoming a professional clock or watchmaker.

These constantly updated courses have been tried and tested for more than half a century and have helped guide many students into the profession. But, if horology is simply your hobby or an enjoyable pastime, you can also use the courses to satisfy your own personal curiosity about timepieces.

Two courses

There are two DLCs:
1. Technician Grade; and
2. Combined Intermediate and Final Grade.

Both courses offer a clock or watch pathway.

A Structured Approach

Each course contains a series of self contained lessons.

Tutor Feedback

To help reduce your costs we offer you the opportunity to purchase these courses either with or without tutor feedback.

Electing to purchase the tutor feedback option allows you to submit both your answers to the end of lesson questions and your practical test pieces for assessment by one of the Institute’s DLC tutors. This option is particularly useful for students who do not have access to a personal mentor.


The price of each course is £395.

To study the DLC you will receive lesson booklets. We have to charge you packaging and postage (p&p). If your address is in the UK we charge £12, if it is in Europe £40, if it is in Word Zone 1 £60 and if it is in World Zone 2 £100.

The cost of tutor feedback for the Technician Grade is £360 for 12 lessons. You can buy tutor feedback for the whole course for this price, or you can pay a registration fee of £40 and after that £30 for each lesson as you progress through the course.

Tutor feedback for the Combined Intermediate and Final Grade is £100 (theory only).

BHI membership

Our DLCs are only offered for sale to members of the Institute. For more information about individual membership, which is reasonably priced, please contact Zanna Perry, +44 (0)1636 817603 or or join the BHI here.

For questions about distance learning, please contact Maxine Bell, +44 (0)1636 817604 or email

You will also find more information in our prospectus.

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How to make, repair, restore and service clocks, watches and other timepieces

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