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Accredited exams

Passing a BHI examination and gaining a BHI qualification will undoubtedly enhance your ability to gain employment as a clock and watchmaker.

The BHI have been setting standards for British horologists for over 150 years and our examinations are all accredited in the UK by the regulatory body, Ofqual.

There are currently 20 individual BHI examinations which, according the various combinations in which they can be taken, will lead to one of the following awards:
– Diploma in Clock and Watch Servicing (Level 3)
– Diploma in the Servicing and Repair of Clocks/Watches (Level 4)
– Diploma in the Repair, Restoration and Conservation of Clocks/Watches (Level 5)

BHI membership

Entry to the examinations is limited to BHI members.

As a BHI member, you profit from a variety of other benefits, including:
– Free monthly copies of the Horological Journal, with news, learned articles, detailed studies and technical updates.
– Privileged access to the collection of clocks, watches and other timepieces of the BHI Museum Trust, the BHI library and archives.

You can also attend seminars and forums, sit examinations and become part of a worldwide organisation of like-minded people with opportunities for local, regional, national and international contacts and support.

For more information about individual membership, which is reasonably priced, please contact Zanna Perry, +44 (0)1636 817603 or or join the BHI here.

Closing date for applications

The BHI examinations in 2016 at Upton Hall will take place in the week that starts on Monday 16 May. The closing date for applications to sit these exams has been set – Friday 29 January 2016. Details about prices and exam locations, together with application forms will be posted on this website during the first week of January.

Prepare yourself for an examination

Our short courses and distance learning programmes can help you prepare yourself for these examinations.

You will find more information – including an example of a study plan – in our prospectus.

For questions about the examinations, please contact Maxine Bell, +44 (0)1636 817604 or email

How to make, repair, restore and service clocks, watches and other timepieces

We have a new education and training prospectus.

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