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Training clock and watch makers since 1858

Welcome to the BHI

Thousands of people make, repair, conserve, restore, collect and sell clocks and watches, while millions more have an interest in the art and science of horology.

Since 1858, the British Horological Institute has been training people in this craft, both professionals and enthusiasts, from beginners to masters.

We are a worldwide membership organisation dedicated to training people in horology. Our members include experienced professionals developing their skills further, students who are training for qualifications and enthusiasts who enjoy it as a hobby.


As a BHI member, UK or overseas, you profit from a variety of exclusive benefits, including:

They include the following.

  • Free subscription to the monthly Horological Journal, the longest continually-published technical journal in the world, with peer-reviewed articles, news and updates from the horological community
  • Privileged access to the collection of clocks and watches at the Museum of Timekeeping at Upton Hall (by appointment)
  • Access to the horological library and archives at Upton Hall (again by appointment)
  • Access to BHI education programmes, training courses and seminars
  • Access to the BHI distance learning courses
  • Eligibility to sit examinations for professional qualifications and accreditation in clock and watchmaking
  • Access to the Members’ Area of the BHI website, including a discussion forum for sharing ideas and seeking information.

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Training and education

As one of the most prominent providers of horological education and training, we offer both short courses and longer ones for distance learning, the latter of which is geared towards professional qualification and accreditation (should you choose to take the exams).

We run introductory courses, professional development for working horologists, and structured learning designed to sustain the craft now and in the future.

Short Courses
Distance Learning Courses


The first local BHI Branch was established shortly after WWII, and the initiative was quickly replicated up and down the country. Each Branch is volunteer-run and autonomous, organising its own meetings and activities, usually involving a guest speaker each month. Some Branches have even been established overseas.

You can join any Branch of the BHI and will be sure of a warm welcome wherever you go.

For more information on BHI Branches, see the BHI website and information in The Horological Journal.

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