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9 October, 2020 | Blog

Upton Hall: Refurbished and Ready

It is such a shame that our members and guests have not been able to enjoy visiting Upton Hall this year. With the cancellation of training courses, exams, the Museum shows and our Awards Day, we would have been able to show our headquarters and training facilities off so proudly.... View Article

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9 September, 2020 | Blog

Back On Course

Time, or the measuring of it, is our trade – and goodness, have we been counting it since March, when our on-site short watchmaking and clockmaking courses were suspended and later our exams, as a result of the pandemic. (The distance learning course was and still is available, though, and... View Article

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27 August, 2020 | Blog

All Together Now (Mostly)

Something I love to see as an editor: a thriving Letters page. We’ve had a lot of letters coming in lately; in fact, the September issue saw me finally able to clear a backlog I’d had going for a while, and no sooner had we gone to print than more... View Article

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17 July, 2020 | Blog

Vulliamy Movements and Rosetta Stones

Time was when the graphic designer Sam Law-Bartle and I would work side-by-side in the same office for several days a week to get the Horological Journal to print every month. Of course, since lockdown began, we’ve both been working from home. The distance between us has gone from about... View Article

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3 June, 2020 | Blog

We’re Still Here

It is of course impossible to avoid the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and here at the BHI we are still working remotely to get the Horological Journal to print each month (which is a pleasure to do). Watch lovers will surely know by now that the Baselworld watch fair... View Article

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13 May, 2020 | Blog

Want to Make a Watch?

‘Brilliant.’ ‘Fantastic.’ ‘A pleasure.’ That’s what some of our newest students had to say when they were the first to go on our new Build Your Own Watch course. Of course, watch and clockmaking are fine, technical and complex crafts which take a lifetime to master. Still, under the excellent... View Article

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