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19 November, 2020 | Blog

Clocks and Watches

That’s it, the last HJ of 2020 has gone to press. Meaning that….we’ve already been working on the next two issues. Production schedules are always tighter at this time of year, as the bank holidays mean we need to bring everything forward. However, we still have a December issue bursting with analysis of the watch market, clock mechanisms and vintage horological pictures.

Martin Foster FBHI is an expert in the watch market, having written about it for many decades. His latest piece in the upcoming HJ explores the effect of the ongoing pandemic on the watch trade, specifically the Swiss fairs that have taken such a hammering and, in many cases, gone online. Watch enthusiasts will certainly want to read what he has to say about the situation – and admire the pictures of some of the exquisite pieces that have indeed been launched this year, albeit not by the medium that would usually have been chosen. Like the image above, of the Grand SEIKO T0 Constant-Force Tourbillon watch.

For clock lovers, there’s an article by Chris Hooijkaas about Comtoise clocks – an intriguing type of clock that isn’t as widely known as perhaps it should be, and a very in-depth analysis by Peter Hastings about the pendulum design for the replica Harrison clocks that have been produced within the BHI. In addition, we have a small piece of illustrated horological history from Chris McKay who compares a clock tower scene in two photographs taken approximately 40 years apart.

There’s always a bit more of a flurry of activity for the December issue, partly because its deadline is a little earlier than usual and partly because it includes the index of the HJ for the year. This means that by the time it goes to print, the content in the issue has to be properly recorded in the index that is also in the issue, if you see what I mean. We are well underway with the January issue, which features, among other things, a very thorough examination of an extremely beautiful clock (wait until you see the pictures!)…but more about that later!


Rachel Reeves, Editor

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