160th Anniversary Conference

‘The British Connections – When, How and Why English Horology met with Swiss Watchmaking.’

Saturday 3 November 2018, 1.45pm–4.00pm,
Theatre L’Heure Bleue Avenue Leopold Robert 27, 2300 la Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland.

Members of the BHI will present a series of dynamic talks and host round-table discussions about the art and sciences of horology, within the context of the long and varied relationship between the two countries: Switzerland and United Kingdom.


Stephen Forsey
Contemporary vision of a British watchmaker in Switzerland.

Ken Kessler
Defending the realm with Swiss wristwatches in the British Royal Air Force.

Justin Koullapis
Britain: A focal point of Swiss watch collecting.

Robert Loomes
British Watchmaking: An independent approach.

David Penney
Pierre-Frederic Ingold and the modern watch: the Swiss-inspired revolution that first took root in London.

Anthony Randall
Swiss astronomer Johan Jakob Huber competes for the longitude prize and invents the world’s first constant-force escapement.

Dr Rebecca Struthers
The myth of the eighteenth-century ‘Dutch forgery’;
a Swiss-made fake-English watch or the product of an unlikely alliance?

These exchanges will be followed by a friendly cocktail and special afternoon tea at Espace TSM!

The event coincides with an exhibition at the MIH co-curated by Upton Hall’s Museum of Timekeeping, entitled English Time.


The conference is co-hosted by the Musée International d’Horlogerie (MIH) and Time-in-tempo.art as part of the programme of the Horological Biennal ‘CirConférence MIH 2018’, La Chaux de Fonds, running from Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 November 2018.
Official opening – Friday 2nd, November 2018, 6pm

Media partners: watchonista – Gazette ‘It’s about time’



Entrance to the BHI 160th Anniversary Conference is free but PRE-REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY to access premium seats.

Registered members of the audience will automatically be entered into a prize draw:

For English guests
An horological weekend in La Chaux de Fonds area.

For Swiss guests
For two people – Two days at Upton Hall, the headquarters of the British Horological Institute, and home of the Museum of Timekeeping. This will include tours, horology demonstrations and exhibitions, held annually in the Autumn.