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What is the Horological Journal?

Your monthly insight into horology

The Horological Journal (HJ) contains leading, peer-reviewed articles on historical and contemporary clock and watchmaking, servicing, repair, restoration and conservation. We aim to maintain a good balance of theory and practice, covering clocks, watches, turret clocks, and electric and electronic timepieces. Although technical in nature, these articles and the news we bring from the industry are also of interest for collectors and other horology enthusiasts.

The HJ is the oldest continuously published technical journal in the world. First published in September 1858, it has appeared monthly ever since – without fail.

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Article of the Month, July 2024

Graham Woan and Joseph Bayley, ‘An Improved Calendar Ring Hole-Count for the Antikythera Mechanism’

This month, Graham Woan and Joseph Bayley present a new analysis of the positions of holes beneath the calendar ring of the Antikythera Mechanism, as measured by Budiselic et al. (2020).

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