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From the Horological Journal

Each month the BHI post one of the articles from the latest edition of the Horological Journal on the BHI website to give those of you that are not already members a chance to see the high quality peer-reviewed content that has kept the HJ at the forefront of the industry for over 160 years.

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August 2020

Jim Arnfield FBHI, ‘A Justin Vulliamy Chiming Clock’

When Jim Arnfield FBHI was asked to get a Justin Vulliamy movement back into working order, he knew the job would require skill and innovation. Luckily, he possesses both qualities in great measure, which certainly came in useful when he had to create a new balance. Here is his account of the job.

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July 2020

Eur Ing David Boettcher CEng MIET FBHI, ‘The First Automatic Wristwatch’

Wristwatches may seem like a very modern invention, not fully replacing the pocket watch until quite recently. Their history, though, is in fact longer than many people realise. Here, David Boettcher FBHI explores a Le Roy timepiece from 1890 which could be the first self-winding wristwatch.

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June 2020

Martin Foster FBHI, ‘Baselworld in Turmoil’

The cancellation of Baselworld has dominated the watch media recently. Industry expert Martin Foster gives an analysis of the situation.

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May 2020

Richard Fox, ‘From the Auction Room’

The country may be in lockdown, but auctions are still being held. Richard Fox finds out how.

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April 2020

John Reynolds FBHI with Robert Ovens MBHI, ‘Tavern Clock Troubles’

Tavern clocks are a rare sight for most people, and sadly this means that they are often poorly maintained or repaired. This article gives an account of overcoming the challenges of working on one such clock.

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March 2020

John Moorhouse MBHI, ‘Creating a Bird Automaton’

Automata and their intricate mechanisms are part of horological craft and history. John Moorhouse describes how he created a miniature form watch in the shape of a violin, complete with case, music stand – and two hidden, tweeting birds.

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February 2020

Robert Horan MBHI, ‘Service and Repair of a Minute-Repeating Chronograph’

When Robert Horan was asked to repair pocket watch whose repeat didn’t work, he found that the repeat work was located in the opposite position to how one would normally find it. Here he gives his account of how he mended this complex watch.

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January 2020

Justin Koullapis FBHI, ‘Behind the Scenes at Nomos’

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of independent watchmaking company Nomos, based in Glashütte in Germany. HJ Technical Editor Justin Koullapis got to meet its staff and see its watchmaking processes up close when he went to visit the factory.

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