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Speaking Clock’s Third Voice to join the BHI Museum

The British Horological Institute Museum, based at Upton Hall, near Newark, Nottinghamshire are delighted to announce that BT have formally donated the original Speaking Clock machines from 1936 and 1963 to the museum, where they have been on loan and on display for almost thirty years.  BT will also be... View Article

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Summer Show Success at Upton Hall

On the weekend of June 18/19 the BHI held its annual summer show. As always the highlight of the weekend was the Big Ben team with their scale working version of the world’s most famous clock, to entertain the visitors, both adults and children. However, this year another clock stole... View Article

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River Trent Level Recorder Arrives at Upton Hall

The British Horological Institute Museum Trust has welcomed a new yet unusual acquisition – a River Trent Level Recorder, donated by the Environmental Agency in Nottingham. The Recorder consists of a clock, dial indicator and chart recorder. It was used to display the water level measured through a float at... View Article

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