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BHI Accredited Repairers

Find a BHI qualified repairer in your area

Looking for someone to repair or service your treasured clock or watch? Please click on the appropriate link to find a qualified repairer near you.

The people you find on our register have satisfied the BHI’s stringent requirements for accredited qualifications which are some of the most demanding to obtain in the industry.

Please note that the BHI is not a trade body and is unable to intervene in disputes that may occur between repairers and clients and recommend that wherever possible such issues are resolved amicably and avoid legal recourse if at all possible.

Our Institute prides itself in teaching and education, however, while we expect those who have achieved our qualifications are very capable within their field, it is not the responsibility of the Institute to arbitrate in any dispute.



Accredited Clock Repairers

Download Clock Repairers List (PDF)

Accredited Turret Clock Repairers

Download Turret Clock Repairers List (PDF)

Accredited Watch Repairers

Download Watch Repairers List (PDF)

Accredited Pocket Watch Repairers

Download Pocket Watch Repairers List (PDF)