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Mainspring Winder Sizes

Mainspring data now available. The mainspring winder is a crucial tool for the watchmaker, yet it’s typically unobtainable at the sort of price that beginner watchmakers might want to spend. How do the new Chinese mainspring winders compare with the Swiss sets by Bergeon, and which of the Bergeon ones offer... View Article

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Antikythera Mechanism

Evidence of a Lunar Calendar, parts 1 and 2 C. Budiselic, A. T. Thoeni, M. Dubno, A. T. Ramsey Published: 5 December, 2020 Image used with permission, copyright 2019, David Jones New analysis of the Antikythera Mechanism presents evidence that the mechanism’s front-dial ring is a 354-day lunar calendar, not a... View Article

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