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Mainspring Winder Sizes

Download Mainspring Winder Data

Mainspring data now available. The mainspring winder is a crucial tool for the watchmaker, yet it’s typically unobtainable at the sort of price that beginner watchmakers might want to spend. How do the new Chinese mainspring winders compare with the Swiss sets by Bergeon, and which of the Bergeon ones offer the best combination of useful sizes?

In an article now published in the Horological Journal, Justin Koullapis gathers new data for all the currently-produced mainspring winders, including arbor and barrel diameters. The information is published here in the form of useful charts for watchmakers, available for public download.

The attached PDFs are supplied in good faith for personal use and the copyright remains with the author Justin Koullapis FBHI. Please do not share or reproduce this information without the copyright attribution cited on the PDF documents. For enquiries about the data or further use, please contact Justin Koullapis FBHI: justin@bhi.co.uk

The data and an accompanying article were first published in The Horological Journal, May 2021.

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Mainspring Winder Sizes

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