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DLC Technician Grade


What is it?/ What does it cover?

  • It is one of the most comprehensive horological technician grade home study course available in the world
  • For the beginner, you will gain the skills, knowledge and understanding required to become a competent technician
  • It contains a series of 12 self-contained lessons covering clock and watch servicing, practical workshop skills as well as the theory, history, art and science of timekeeping
  • Each lesson concludes with a practical exercise and test questions
  • For the novice horologist the course is user-friendly. It provides a step-by-step guide and is extensively illustrated throughout
  • The concluding chapters include sample accredited examination papers, practical exercises and a comprehensive accredited Examination Syllabus
  • The content of this course is based on the syllabus for the EAL/BHI accredited exams for the Diploma in Clock and Watch Servicing (Level 3) and counts towards higher level qualifications. Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ) Level 3 is equivalent to A-level

Can I see a sample of the course before buying?

  • You can download the introduction and Lesson 1 of the BHI Technician Course on the BHI website for free. This will provide you with further information about the course and advice about setting up a workshop area, tools and equipment, and a glossary of horological terms

Who is it for / What are the prerequisites for the course?

  • The course is designed to be accessible by all levels. It will help you progress from complete novice to aspiring professional
  • No prior qualifications or experience is necessary
  • You will need an understanding of basic arithmetic and a certain amount of mechanical aptitude, but usually this can be achieved with practice
  • You need to join the BHI as an associate member and this membership is open to all. There are many benefits of joining the
  • BHI including receiving the monthly Horological Journal and being able to enrol on short courses
  • There are no age restrictions to study the course. To take our accredited examinations you must by 16+

When can I start? How long will it take to complete?

  • You can start the course at any time, completing the lessons at your own pace. As a general guideline the course comprises of material to be completed in 420 guided study hours
  • On completion of the course you can apply to take accredited examinations and then progress to either the clock or watch pathway of the BHI Intermediate and Final Grade DLC

How much does it cost?

  • The BHI Technician course costs £725
  • If you require a hard copy. Postage and Packaging: If your address is in the UK we charge £20, if it is in Europe £80, Rest of World £175

Joining the BHI

  • The BHI offers training exclusively to its members, and joining is a pre-requisite of purchasing this course and for taking the BHI/EAL accredited examinations
  • The cost of joining the BHI is £160 per year (UK) or £185 (Overseas). You can join the BHI at the same time as purchasing this course by clicking on the ‘Order the BHI Technician Grade DLC’ link below. There are many benefits to joining the BHI

What support is available?

Tutor Feedback: You also have the option to buy tutor feedback at any time during your study. This allows you to email or post your answers to the end of lesson questions and your practical test pieces for marking and assessment by one of the Institute’s professional tutors.

BHI Short Courses: We recommend that if you are studying the DLC that you attend the associated training courses we hold at Upton Hall. These will help you not only to gain qualifications, but our tutors will be able to guide you and answer your questions within the relaxed atmosphere of our classrooms. Our class sizes are six students maximum allowing our tutors to help you individually as well as a group.

If you are planning to go down the watch pathway, we advise you to attend ‘Service and repair of quartz watches, and ‘making small components’, at our headquarters. We also recommend that you attend ‘Servicing and repair of manual winding watches. Although this is not examinable at Level 3 Technician Grade, it is worth gaining the certificate of attendance should you be looking to go into employment at this stage. It is a part of the Level 4 training but, at this stage beneficial that prospective employers will see that you have some training with mechanical watches.

If you are looking to enter the clock repairs industry, although there are not as many employment opportunities, there is a shortage of skilled clock repairers, especially in the UK, and business opportunities for those who prefer to work for themselves. To achieve Level 3 technician Grade, we recommend you attend ‘single train clock’ and ‘making a small component’ courses.

In addition to the courses directly related to the Technician Grade, we run the following courses to help you build your workshop skills.

Basic Hand Skills in the Workshop including Health and Safety
How to achieve the best results with hand tools

Basic Lathe, Milling & Drilling including Health and Safety
Introduction to workshop equipment and techniques DLC level 3

Clock and Watch Workshop Machine
Builds on the skills course by developing safe machine techniques and skills necessary for DLC Level 3 practical coursework and repair skills

Local BHI Branches: Branches across the UK [and abroad] offer a calendar of events throughout the year including lectures, auctions, tours and a chance to meet like minded people and make contact with professional members.

BHI Members Forum: As a member of the BHI you will gain access to the Members Area of the BHI website which includes the Members Forum where you can discuss all topics relating to horology in a knowledgeable community of BHI members.

Library and Collection: For further research to support your studies becoming a member will give you access to the unique clock and watch collection of the Museum of Timekeeping housed at the headquarters of the BHI as well as the world’s most comprehensive library of horological books and material.


Do I get a qualification at the end?

The BHI Technician Grade prepares students to take the examination for the EAL/BHI nationally accredited Diploma in Clock and Watch Servicing (Level 3)

  • The BHI is an accredited examination centre
  • Some examination units contribute towards further qualifications. Further details of all the BHI examinations can be found by visiting the Examinations page of this website or by downloading the BHI Examinations Guide
  • EAL awards certificates to candidates when the qualification is completed. Interim certificates showing the units gained at each examination session are issued by the BHI
  • There are awards and prizes available for high achieving students in different categories that are presented at the BHI Annual Awards Day. These include the BHI Bronze Medal, BHI Branch prizes, memorial prizes and industry sponsored prizes. The BHI
  • Awards Day is one of the most important dates in our calendar and is a chance to showcase, reward and discuss the achievements of all our students. For new members it is a time to meet the next generation of horologists, spend the day in friendly discussion and enjoy a range of diverse horological seminars

Who is the awarding body for the qualifications?

  • Our awarding body EAL is the UK’s leading industry specialist awarding organisation. EAL is part of SEMTA – the Science, Engineering, Manufacturing and Technologies Alliance

Why should I work towards passing the examination and gaining a qualification? / Will I be able to get a job at the end of the course?

  • This formal qualification is recognised and in demand by employers in the horology servicing sector of the industry
  • For students looking to join a horological company this qualification is in demand for positions, for example as a watch service technician for the major brands of high quality movements
  • If you are training to become a self-employed horologist this course provides the skills needed
  • Exams provide a target for learning, enabling you to check your progress against recognised standards
  • It is a thorough grounding of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to progress to the BHI’s higher level courses and qualifications.

Can I study this outside the UK?

  • This is available to anyone, worldwide

What do I need?

  • A small workshop area with bench equipment and basic hand tools as listed in the Introduction. For the practical exercise a small materials kit is available from

What do I get when I order the course?

  • You will be posted a set of 12 individually bound lessons, each containing approximately 80 pages, totally nearly 1000 pages of study material. You will also receive the full exam syllabus detailing the scope of topics covered in the course, and practice exam papers

Advisory Notes / Other information

Further information can be found in the BHI Examinations Guide or by contacting the BHI on 01636 813795, email:


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