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for beginners and professionals

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Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a professional or an enthusiast, the BHI has a clock or watchmaking course that will suit you. Choose between short, practical courses, or longer distance learning programmes through which you can, if you wish, take exams to qualify as a professional watchmaker or clockmaker.

professional tutors, workshops and tools

Our short courses take place in Upton Hall in Nottinghamshire, in workshops with professional tools, machines and equipment. This is also the home of an unrivalled collection of historical and modern clocks and watches, a horological library and valuable archives. You can book overnight accommodation on site and have breakfast and lunch in the Clock House Café. Distance learning students can benefit from these courses and facilities; they are ideal to practise your skills. Whether you choose a short course or distance learning, you always benefit from the knowledge and experience of the BHI tutors. You work directly with an expert in the field and get personal attention as well as useful tips.

distance learning courses leading to accredited qualifications – The Technician Grade (Level 3) and the Combined Intermediate/Final Grade (Levels 4/5)

Our home study courses provide an excellent source of reference material. They teach best practice and our professional tutors assess work to examination standard.

The first course, the Technician Grade, is an introduction to horology. There are 12 lessons, each one concluding with a set of questions and a small practical exercise. Topics include a brief history of timekeeping, servicing clocks and watches, timing machines, water protection, clock escapements, basic electrical theory, workshop equipment, small hand tools, lathe work and soldering in practice.

The Combined Intermediate/Final Grade is a specialist course in clock or watch repair, restoration and conservation.

Both courses prepare for nationally accredited examinations.

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