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9 October, 2020 | Blog

Upton Hall: Refurbished and Ready

It is such a shame that our members and guests have not been able to enjoy visiting Upton Hall this year.

With the cancellation of training courses, exams, the Museum shows and our Awards Day, we would have been able to show our headquarters and training facilities off so proudly. Many people stay in our accommodation, particularly those who are training, and are able to enjoy the café for breakfast and lunch, have a viewing of the collection courtesy of the Museum of Timekeeping, and enjoy the hall and its grounds.

It was not many years ago that the road frontage was overgrown, with access to the front of the hall taken via a muddy track, and similar awaited those who parked in front of the main doors. All that has changed in the last three or four years, however. Our accommodation has been overhauled, the hall painted, and the muddy track is no more. Indeed, parking is now not available at the front any more, meaning the hall can be viewed in its full splendour. A professional team of gardening contractors maintain our grounds, aided by BHI volunteers. The ballroom looks splendid and ready for more events as and when restrictions end.

Finally, and most importantly, both clock and watch workshops have had significant refurbishment work, with new tools and training media acquired so that we can continue to improve our teaching experience.

There will be better times ahead. We look forward to returning to where we were prior to COVID-19, and striding forward.


Brian Noble, Operations Manager


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