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Individual Membership

Why Join the BHI?

Anyone can join the BHI as an associate member, wherever you are in the world, with no prerequisites. The benefits of associate membership include:

  • Free subscription to the monthly Horological Journal, a technical horological publication with news, peer-reviewed articles and studies and technical updates
  • Privileged access to the collection of clocks, watches and other timepieces of the Museum of Timekeeping (by prior arrangement via
  • Access to the Museum of Timekeeping library and archives  (by prior arrangement via
  • Access to the online Members’ Forum for horological discussion along with the digital Horological Journal past issues
  • Access to the BHI education programme, including distance learning and short courses at Upton Hall in Newark, working with qualified tutors
  • The option to sit examinations that lead to recognised professional horological qualifications

As an associate member, you are part of a worldwide horological organisation of like-minded people with opportunities for local, regional, national and international contacts and support.

Which level of membership is for you?

There are three levels of membership available at the BHI:

  1. Associate: This is open to anyone and is the normal entry route for individual membership.
  2. Accredited – Member of the BHI (MBHI)
  3. Accredited – Fellow of the BHI (FBHI)

You can upgrade to MBHI or FBHI status; see below.

Upgrading to MBHI or FBHI status

Accredited Members of the BHI (those with MBHI or FBHI status) have proven to us that their horological skills and knowledge are advanced enough to have gained accreditation. An associate member who wishes to upgrade to MBHI or FBHI needs to prove his or her high horological ability to the BHI. This might be done by passing our examinations (to which our distance learning course is geared) or showing practical experience ‘at the bench’.

Applications to upgrade are assessed in the first instance by our Upgrading Committee. For more information, please contact us directly.

Overseas membership

Associate:  The BHI always welcomes applications for associate membership from people outside of the UK.

Accredited (MBHI or FBHI):  The BHI cannot guarantee its ability to offer accredited status to non-residents of the UK. This is because, unfortunately, we cannot always gauge accurately whether or not the horological credentials of an overseas applicant will meet our published accreditation standards and it is simply not cost effective for the Institute to try to attempt to investigate the standards of every comparable institution or awarding body in the world. However, we do guarantee to consider each application on its individual merits. For more information about this, please contact us directly.

Please note:  All overseas members pay an annual supplement on their membership fees which is designed to cover the extra costs of international postage (primarily for The Horological Journal).


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Please note: To attend a course which is not classed as a taster day, you MUST become a member first.

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