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3 December, 2020 | Blog

In the Bleak Midwinter…We’re Still Here!

Those of you who have visited Upton Hall, especially in the winter months, will be well aware that even in a normal year, coming inside is akin to reaching the Polar Ice Cap. Temperatures are often lower than those outside. Well, this year we have a special treat in store for anyone brave enough to step through the big wooden doors. After years and years of sticky tape and string holding the antiquated heating system together, the rather large boiler in the cellar finally cracked its shell, leaving it irreparable. Replacement costs of a startling £50,000 upwards are being muttered!! Yes, it’s a big place to heat.

So, with the unknown coronavirus factor still in effect, there are no plans for a new system at least for this winter. The three of us who remain at the Hall will be learning Arctic survival skills. It really is that cold! On the plus side, at least when one of us is brave enough to venture into the kitchen to make coffee, we can be sure the milk won’t curdle if we forget to put it back into the fridge.

However, we are a hardy lot. At least the two girls here have thick, golden locks to keep them warm. It’s the ageing, bald fella who just might get frostbite!

But seriously, we are still open, albeit with a skeleton staff and some people working at home. We are here to help. Sometimes you might need to leave a message or send an email, and we do accept it can be a little frustrating at times, but hopefully normality will resurface in a few more months. So do leave a message (email ideally), and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Brian Noble, Operations Manager



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